When Marketing Outstrips the Product

I have recently been working with an accounting product that makes me want to cry.  It is old and kludgy.  It would make an accountant want to tear his hair out.  It is only marginally useful and requires more workarounds through other accounting systems than supported functionality.

Then I learned that the company that created it changed their name and created a wonderful new website.  I was really impressed with the website.  If the product were only half as good as the marketing for it, I would be happy.

Lesson learned:

Even if the accounting functionality of a project is minimal, make no assumptions that what you think should be standard functionality that everyone provides will be supported by any given piece of software.

Beware of anything a vendor tells you.  Trust but verify.  Just because a website is beautiful and uses the latest technology, don’t assume that the software being sold is equally as good!

Having come from a software product design and implementation background, it makes me sad when I see this sort of thing.