Stage Fright Research Interviews

For those interested in another side of my life and activities, take a look at the following links that deal with the stage fright research I did more than 20 years ago, research that keeps coming back!

An Interview with Thomas A. Brantigan: Beta Blockers and Musicians – A Thirty-Year Retrospective                     

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One of the benefits of a career in music is working with inspiring colleagues. These individuals promote artistic growth, offer pedagogical insights, and present different perspectives on professional issues. Thomas A. Brantigan is currently Director of Traditional Music at Central Presbyterian Church in Towson, MD and provides many excellent performances to his community annually. Working with Brantigan for many years in concert settings has been a pleasure. After learning that he in fact published “The effect of beta blockade on stage fright: A controlled study,” the first study in America supporting the effectiveness beta blockers in alleviating symptoms associated…

The Ethics and Legality of Beta Blockers for Performance Anxiety: What Every Educator Should Know     

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Educators are required to make many pedagogical decisions, and fortunately, most are quite simple and do not necessitate major ethical considerations. Some decisions might come easily—for instance whether to copy music for a page turn or view a video on YouTube. However, others are not straightforward. In particular those that pertain to beta blockers raise many legal, ethical, and medical issues. Many educators have not taken the time to consider seriously or research the implications of using beta blockers for performance anxiety and, even more crucially, of recommending these drugs to their students.

Are students who study with teachers who do not include beta blockers as a possible solution to severe performance anxiety at a disadvantage? Do teachers who recommend beta blockers to students make a poor ethical decision: one that could even pose severe legal consequences? There is no doubt that educators are faced with an increasingly litigious society, and having the knowledge regarding specific legal issues has become extremely important…